Best Crypto Apps & Exchanges For Trading in 2023

Best app to buy crypto in 2023

Over recent years, digital coins have become very important for us. They can be used across different industries as payment methods or utility tokens. You can even make money by trading them as other financial assets. Besides, there are strategies that allow you to earn passive income through long-term investments in the most promising cryptocurrencies.

Such a spike in the popularity of cryptocurrencies motivates many people to start looking for the best way to buy crypto. Desktop exchanges are also very popular and they provide a lot of functionality to users. However, many individuals prefer apps because they make trading available anywhere and anytime. That’s why there’s a point in looking for the best app. Let’s compare some of the options by considering their fees, technical features, available assets, and other characteristics.


Comparison Table

App Key Features Fees Available Platforms Security Our Rating
PrimeXBT trading history, order book depth, multiple order types, copy trading, multiple assets, high leverage 0.05% – 0.1% desktop, mobile web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices 2-factor authentication, cold storage 4.8
ByBit technical analysis indicators, stop-loss and take-profit features 0.075% desktop, mobile web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices 2-factor authentication, cold storage, SMS alerts 4.5
Naga social trading, multiple assets, personal finance management 0.1% – 1% desktop, mobile web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices 2-factor authentication, cold storage 4.4
Binance providers of high liquidity, margin trading pairs,  0.1% – 0.02% desktop, mobile web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices 2-factor authentication, and user verification 4.7
SoFi fractional investing, financial planning tools No iOS and Android mobile devices SSL encryption, multi-factor authentication, insurance coverage 4.5
Gemini regulated assets, access to analysis tools 1.49% – 0.1% desktop, mobile web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices Cold storage 4.4
Kraken multiple trading pairs, advanced charting tools and indicators 0.26% – 0.00% desktop, mobile web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices 2-factor authentication, cold storage 4.6
Coinbase high liquidity providers, multiple crypto pairs 0.50% – 0.04% desktop, mobile web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices Cold storage 4.4


PrimeXBT crypto app

PrimeXBT APP Review
Comments Rating 5 (1 review)



ByBit is highly praised for high liquidity and great speed of order execution. However, many users claim that they would be glad to have the possibility to use more crypto assets. ByBit might be not very suitable for complete newbies because of the high leverage but those who like risks will appreciate its leverage.

“Top trading platform! Fantastic interface, best and most comfortable system for making orders(Limit, TP,SL) can be changed in real time. Good range of crypto pairs, API keys for trading on other interfaces or bots.” — Roman Jastrub on Trustpilot.



  • Assets beyond the crypto markets are also available;
  • Advanced social trading features;
  • Credit cards and bank transfers are accepted as payment methods.


  • Fees are higher compared to other apps;
  • Not all features are available in some countries;
  • “Friendly support but some systems need to be improved. Need to contact support twice for figuring out how to withdraw. Hope it´s working now.: — wulius on Trustpilot.



  • One of the best apps cryptocurrency in terms of the available digital assets;
  • Charges low fees;
  • Enables multiple deposit and withdrawal services;


  • The app used to have security issues in the past, which greatly violated the overall reputation of the exchange;
  • The mobile solution might not be suitable for complete beginners because of the number of complicated features.



  • It’s the only crypto trading application in this list that offers commission-free trading;
  • The app is overwhelmed with educational resources for beginning crypto investors;
  • Great customer support service.


  • The app is designed more for beginners, that’s why professional traders might find that it lacks advanced features;
  • Slow processing of withdrawals.


As Jonathan mentioned on Trustpilot: “Gemini gave me an amazing user experience, fast response time. I got my answers in a flash. Similar to my experience with good companies.” Indeed, this solution has a very user-friendly interface. However, it must be also noted that there is a lack of educational resources and crypto pairs. So if you want to use this customer-oriented app, you have to find educational materials on your own.


Kraken is one of the most respected crypto exchanges in the entire industry. It’s highly praised for the huge selection of trading products and the availability of a big number of advanced trading tools for experienced users. Despite somewhat high fees and frequent delays in responses to customers, Kraken gained a reputation as a profitable and reliable app. 

Scott R. on Sitejabber said that “They believe in personal responsibility and require you use secure 2FA with at least an authentication app but they also suggest using a Yubbi or some hardware 2FA as well. They are one of the few sites that allow and even suggest this even in the crypto world.”



  • Very informative mobile application with plenty of resources;
  • Great diversity of trading instruments;
  • Advanced security measures.


  • Fees are higher than average;
  • Lack of advanced trading features.

Our Methodology

Our assessment of cryptocurrency apps and exchanges is based on a well-defined methodology. We consider that these features are the most important for the best bitcoin trading platform, that’s why we rated the above-listed solutions in accordance with the following variables:

  • Basic trading features that include analytics tools, available assets, liquidity, and trading fees. 
  • Advanced trading features such as specific types of orders.
  • Margin trading.
  • Platform availability on desktop, web browser, and mobile solutions.
  • Customer service that impacts the overall customer experience.
  • Educational resources and other materials that help newly registered users to understand the basics of the best crypto trading app.
  • Available payment methods and the possibility to deposit in fiat currencies.
  • Security measures and cold storage of virtual funds of traders.

These ten variables benchmark features and options across the crypto exchanges and brokerages we surveyed.

For each ranking, the sum of weighted values across all or some of these key factors was calculated to award each brokerage or exchange its overall rank. Margin trading, platform lending and advanced trading were not considered for choosing the best crypto exchanges for beginners.



On the whole, the best Bitcoin trading platform is individual for every user because foremost it must be convenient. However, there are some objective features that help to determine the best app cryptocurrency. You should consider its security measures, available trading tools, fees, and assets. We hope that our comparison will help you to choose the best option.


How do I start crypto trading on my phone?

To start crypto trading on your phone, find the best crypto app and install it. Then, register and complete the verification procedures and activate your account by making a deposit.

Are cryptocurrency apps safe?

Crypto apps are safe if they are developed by safe providers. A safe application should comply with regulatory standards and apply safety measures such as 2FA, cold storage, and others.

Is trading crypto via an app comfortable?

Trading via mobile solutions is really comfortable since you can access all your funds and instruments through the smartphone anywhere and anytime.

How much money do you need to buy crypto?

It depends on the exchange you are trading with. Some of the might not impose minimum deposits while others might charge high amounts at the very beginning.

What is the cheapest app to trade crypto?

Binance and PrimeXBT are widely referred to as the apps with the lowest transaction fees.

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